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Compiled by Mike Morris WA6ILQ
Web page maintained by Robert Meister WA1MIK
I know nothing about this equipment so please don't ask!

The Standard Communications radio division was purchased by Yaesu-Vertex.
This page is for all the equipment branded as "Standard Radio" (before the Yaesu-Vertex buyout), including the Standard units sold by Heathkit. All the products that are branded "Vertex" or "Vertex / Standard" (i.e. post buyout) will be found on the Yaesu-Vertex-Standard page.

A bit of trivia - when Standard was still in operation as a stand-alone company they made their own crystals. When they were bought out, the crystal division was spun off into its own company, now operating as Frequency Management.

C5608D Dual-band mobile radio owner's manual   4.1 MB PDF   includes schematics
The C5608D is a 50 watt fully synthesized dual-band radio. It's basically two independent radios with one common control panel and a microphone that duplicates 99% of the functionality. The radio can do full bi-directional cross-band repeat but this can only be activated at the control panel. It requires an external VHF/UHF splitter/combiner as it has separate UHF antenna connectors for each band. It does full CTCSS encode and decode but does NOT have DCS.
C826M 2m 10w 12ch Mobile Radio Owner's Manual   1.1 MB PDF
Courtesy of Bob WB4RJE
C826M 2m 10w 12ch Mobile Radio Schematic Diagram   121 kB PDF
Courtesy of Bob WB4RJE
GX1510U UHF 25w Bobile Radio Rervice Manual   1.7 MB PDF
This radio is identical to the Uniden SMU4525TK. Check the Uniden page for additional information. This manual is courtesy of Eric WB6FLY.
RP70U UHF Repeater Service Manual   1.6 MB PDF
The RP-70 is a 12 watt crystal controlled desktop repeater with an optional internal notch-only duplexer. While Standard had their own tone board (the dip-switch programmable TN-34 encode/decode board), many were purchased as carrier-only and fitted with various aftermarket tone boards (i.e. Com-Spec TS-32) or community repeat panels (Com-Spec TP-3200, TP-38, Zetron, etc).
If anyone has fitted one with a tone board made by other than Standard or with an external controller please consider donating the interfacing information.
sc-uSA-2 Desk Top Charger for the SR-C146A Transceiver   110 kB PDF
This was the desk-top drop-in charger for the SR-C146A transceiver. It also had a 3.5mm plug with RG-174 coax feeding an SO-239 antenna jack on the back, so you could easily attach an outdoor antenna to the radio. Manual scan courtesy of WA1MIK.
SR-C146A VHF Hand-Held Transceiver Instruction Manual, 12/73 edition   7.2 MB PDF
The SR-C146A is a 2 watt, 5 channel crystal controlled hand-held transceiver. It even had a real S-meter! It came with two channels already installed. The optional TN3 Private-Channel (CTCSS) encode-decode module installed inside the radio. Power was provided by eight dry or rechargeable NiCd batteries. Manual scan courtesy of WA1MIK.
SR-C146A VHF Hand-Held Transceiver Instruction Manual, 9/76 edition   10.7 MB PDF
Later/cleaner version of the above SR-C146A manual. Has two sets of schematics, based on serial number. Manual scan courtesy of WA1MIK.
TN3 Private-Channel (CTCSS) Encode-Decode Module for the SR-C146A VHF Transceiver   44 kB PDF
The TN3 CTCSS encode-decode module used a miniature Motorola reed approximately 1/2 inch square. The whole thing fit inside the SR-C146A transceiver. Manual scan courtesy of WA1MIK.
Does anyone have any other Standard manuals?

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