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Note: As of January 1, 2018, Vertex/Standard is now owned by Motorola Solutions. Vertex web sites are redirected to Motorola web pages. Support has been taken over by Motorola. There are already some Vertex items on MOL. If you already have an MOL account, you can purchase Vertex items through it, IF you can obtain the proper Vertex part numbers.

Best we can figure out from the Yaesu web site, the name "Yaesu" has been relegated to the amateur radio division, the name "Vertex/Standard" is the new name for the LMR (commercial radio) division (replacing "Vertex"), and the marine division is now called "Standard/Horizon". Of course, things may change next week.

The equipment branded as "Standard" was made by Standard Radio Communications Company. SRC products can be found on the "Standard" page on Repeater-Builder. Only the information that is applicable to equipment manufactured after the merger of Yaesu/Vertex with Standard is on this page. Standard Communications Japan was a subsidary of Marantz Inc. When Marantz sold Standard to Yaesu they folded both the Vertex and Standard product lines into Vertex/Standard.

Contact Information:
Yaesu USA
6125 Phyllis Drive
Cypress, CA 90630 USA
Voice Tel: 714-827-7600
Fax: 714-827-8100
Yaesu International Division
8350 N.W. 52nd Terrace, Suite 201
Miami, FL. 33166 USA
Voice Tel: 305-718-4011
Fax: 305-718-4012

Manuals and parts are available from the company. Contact them at the above phone number. Pricing on manuals is usually less than half the cost of copying one, since there are usually a number of fold-out schematics in color. Go to for more information.

Repeater-Builder is looking for articles and information on the older Standard RP-series (for the "Standard" page), the older Yaesu FTR-series repeaters, the current VXR series, and other Yaesu, Vertex, Standard, and Horizon land mobile equipment, as there isn't much "out there" on using their commercial equipment in the amateur radio world.

The information we have below is here for one of three reasons: (1) We needed it for a personal project, went looking for it, found it, and decided to stash it here, (2) it can't be found elsewhere, or (3) it's interesting enough that it's worth including below.

Yaesu provides "Operator's Manuals" and calls a service manual a "Technical Supplement". An "Instruction Manual" is both.

Yaesu Amateur Radio Articles and Manuals:

If you need help on a Yaesu amateur product, there are over 100 "Yaesu" groups on Yahoo Groups alone, plus there are a number of other web sites that cater to the Yaesu enthusiast.

FT-23R Mark II operating manual   264 kB PDF
The Mark II manual was all we could find when we went looking for an operating manual. If someone has the original as a PDF send it to us, we'll add it.
FT-23R Technical Supplement (small)   2.5 MB PDF
FT-23R Technical Supplement (large)   a larger 4.5 MB PDF
Here are some notes and comments on the FT-23R. The speaker/microphone is a model MH-12A2B. Here's the speaker-mic pinout.
The FT-33 is the 220 MHz version, the FT-73 is the UHF version, the FT-470 has similar CPU / logic schematics and much of the info on that radio applies.
FT-60R Operating Manual   2.35 MB PDF
The PA-38 drop-in charger (the standard one for the FT60) is an RF noisy pest, especially between 25 and 50 MHz, with harmonics audible as far as 500 MHz.
I seriously wonder how it got approved by the FCC.
FT-212RH Technical Supplement   6.5 MB PDF donated by Brad KB9BPF
FT-227-R Memorizer Instruction Manual   2.27 MB PDF
FT-470 Operating Manual   3.64 MB PDF
FT-712RH Technical Supplement   5.9 MB PDF donated by Brad KB9BPF
FT-817 Technical Supplement   13.0 MB PDF
FT-857 and FT-857D Technical Supplement   14 MB PDF
FT-897 Technical Supplement   12 MB PDF
A home-made boom microphone headset for the FT-897   414 kB PDF
A well-engineered modification and a well-done writeup from Martin Ehrenfried G8JNJ
FT-912R Operating Manual   4.6 MB PDF donated by Brad KB9BPF
FT-950 Technical Supplement   9.3 MB PDF
The original FT-1500M catalog brochure   503 kB PDF
This radio is popular with the Packet & APRS community due to price and durability. The 6 pin data connector used on the rear is the same connector as an S-video cable. You can pick up a 3 foot S-video cable and cut one end off, add a more common connector to the stub, and use it to interface your TNC to the FT-1500.
To enable out-of-ham-band receive (such as NOAA weather) just turn the radio off and then press and hold down the D/MR button down while you turn the radio on. One disadvantage is the microphone is specific to this model. It's part number MH-48A6J, and is both DTMF and backlit.
A zip file of six files that make up the FT-1500M 2m mobile schematic set   5.4 MB ZIP
A 4-page PDF of the FT-1500M 2m mobile schematic set   1.2 MB PDF
FT-1500M 2m mobile Operator's manual   2.8 MB PDF
FT-1500M 2m mobile Alignment procedure from service menu   1 MB PDF
Anybody have the FT-1500 service manual?
FT-2400H Packet Modification   175 kB PDF
FT-2500M Brochure   525 kB PDF
FT-2500M Circuit Diagram   902 kB PDF
FT-2500M Quick Code Sheet   510 kB PDF
FT-2500M Technical Supplement   13 MB PDF
FT-2800M Brochure   696 kB PDF
FT-2800M Operating Manual   740 kB PDF
FT-2800M Technical Supplement   2.9 MB PDF
FT-8100R Operator's Manual   1.8 MB PDF
FT-8100R Technical Supplement   15 MB PDF
YSK-8100 Separation Kit (for FT-8100/FT-8100R) Instruction Manual   1 MB PDF donated by Kris Kirby KE4AHR
FT-8900R Operator's Manual   1.4 MB PDF

Yaesu/Vertex Amateur Radio Articles and Manuals:

Some of the Yaesu radio products have a model number starting with "VX". While the radio has "Yaesu" on the front, the manuals say "Yaesu/Vertex" or just "Vertex" on them.

VX-3R Technical Supplement   680 kB PDF
VX-5R Technical Supplement   37 MB PDF
VX-6R Technical Supplement   6.7 MB PDF
VX-7R Technical Supplement   8.17 MB PDF
VX-10 Operator's Manual   371 kB PDF
VX-10 VHF Service Manual   32 MB PDF donated by Jacob ADØJA
VX-150 Operator's Manual   450 kB PDF
VX-230 UHF Service Manual   2.9 MB PDF donated by Bruno Bouliane
VX-230 VHF Service Manual   3.3 MB PDF donated by Bruno Bouliane
VX-350 UHF Service Manual   7.7 MB PDF donated by Jack McElyea
VX-350 VHF Service Manual   4.3 MB PDF donated by Jack McElyea

Yaesu System Fusion Radio Articles and Manuals:

Yaesu DR-1X Digital Repeater Technical Supplement   35.6 MB PDF
Yaesu FT2DR/DE Digital Transceiver Technical Supplement   17.8 MB PDF
Yaesu FTM-400DR/DE/XDR/XDE Digital Transceiver Technical Supplement   30 MB PDF
Interfacing the Yaesu DR-1X with the S-Com 7330 repeater controller   850 kB PDF
A well-written article by Justin Reed NV8Q
Connecting a VXR-1000V/U to a DR-1X repeater   By Scott Lichtsinn KBØNLY
Use this as an analog portal to a digital repeater, or as a link radio.
A useful "Help" page for System Fusion systems (offsite link)

Land Mobile Radio (commercial two-way) Articles and Manuals:

Most Yaesu LMR radios are Vertex branded and have model numbers starting with "VX". The repeaters have model numbers starting with "VXR". Many of the service manuals also have Operating Manual reprints at the front.

FTR-710A, FTR-2410 and FTR-5410A repeaters Instruction Manual   25 MB PDF
These are Yaesu's earliest repeaters, and are crystal controlled. This manual also covers the FL-750, FL-2450 and FL-5450 Power Amplifiers.
VX-2000 VHF-Hi Service Manual   8.7 MB PDF
VX-2000 Accessory Connector and interfacing to a CAT300DXL controller   Provided by Dave Wood KB8SCR
VX-2100/2200 VHF-Hi Service Manual   5.6 MB PDF donated by Jack McElyea
VX-3000 UHF Service Manual   40 MB PDF
VX-3000 VHF-Hi Service Manual   51 MB PDF
VX-5500 Brochure   772 kB PDF
VX-5500 Operating Manual   1.1 MB PDF
Includes radio and antenna installation, which is not present in the service manuals.
VX-5500 VHF-Lo Service Manual (2015) includes Operating Manual   6 MB PDF
Seems to be missing the detailed parts lists. The alignment section is better but not perfect.
VX-5500 VHF-Lo Service Manual (2009) includes Operating Manual   8 MB PDF
The alignment section in this manual is all screwed up. Use the procedure in the manual above or below.
VX-5500 VHF-Lo Service Manual (2005) includes Operating Manual   8 MB PDF
This is an older manual but the alignment procedure is correct.
VX-5500 VHF-Hi Service Manual includes Operating Manual   9.1 MB PDF
VX-5500 UHF Service Manual includes Operating Manual   6.5 MB PDF
VX-6000 VHF-Lo Service Manual   10 MB PDF
This radio, with a different faceplate and options connector, is sold by Kenwood and Motorola under various model numbers.
VX-6000 UHF Service Manual   7.9 MB PDF
This radio, with a different faceplate and options connector, is sold by Kenwood and Motorola under various model numbers.
VX-5500/6000 (Programming) Quick Reference Guide   140 kB PDF
Getting Started basics using the CE49 programming software.
Extend the Band Limits of the Vertex CE49 Programming Software   by Robert W. Meister WA1MIK
The CE49 software is used by the VX-4000, VX-5500, and VX-6000 (and possibly other) radios. With a hex editor, the band limits can be extended to allow amateur frequencies. You will still have to adjust the VCO and tweak some coils to get satisfactory operation once you can enter ham frequencies into the radio; see the article below.
Convert the VX-5500L to 6 meters   by John Haserick W1GPO
These radios normally cover 37-50 MHz but with a bit of work they can be made to perform quite well up to 54 MHz. You'll need to hex-edit the radio's personality to allow out-of-band frequencies; see the article above.
Vertex Standard Radio Programming Matrix   200 kB PDF
A chart of radio models, programming software packages and versions, programming cables, operating systems, and manual versions for North American products only.

VXR-1000 Articles and Manuals:

The VXR series is Yaesu's current commercial (LMR) repeater product line.

Vertex VXR-1000 Vehicular Cross-band Repeater Operating Manual   134 kB PDF
This unit is similar to the Pyramid SVR200 vehicular repeater but seems to have far more capabilities.
Vertex VXR-1000 UHF Vehicular Cross-band Repeater Service Manual   4.1 MB PDF donated by Bruno Bouliane AC2HZ / VE2VK
Vertex VXR-1000 VHF Vehicular Cross-band Repeater Service Manual   2.3 MB PDF donated by Bruno Bouliane AC2HZ / VE2VK
Vertex VXR-1000 UHF BandSplit Modification   by Scott Lichtsinn KBØNLY
Expand the coverage into the amateur band.
Connecting a VXR-1000V/U to a DR-1X repeater   By Scott Lichtsinn KBØNLY
Use this as an analog portal to a digital repeater, or as a link radio.

VXR-5000 Articles and Manuals:

There are Yahoogroups for the VXR-5000 series at and
Note that there are two hardware versions of the VXR-5000. The older versions do not have the 3 LEDs on the back of the unit and do not have the PL encode/decode function built-in. Those require the FTS-22 tone squelch unit inside the repeater. If you are buying a used VXR-5000 and it does not have the 3 LEDs on the back make sure the FTS-22 board is there. The newer version has 3 LEDs located on the rear panel of the repeater unit and have the PL functions included inside the control unit.
VXR-5000 Repeater Mods   Courtesy Southeast Iowa Technical Society (SEITS)
VXR-5000 UHF and VHF Repeater Service Manual chapters (the chapters marked with a "U" are UHF-specific, the chapters marked with a "V" ar VHF-specific, and the chapters marked with a "C" are common to both stations). These were extracted from their individual manuals.
The UHF manual is no longer available from Vertex. The VHF Service Manual is in stock at Vertex-Standard Parts Department, at about $20 plus tax and shipping. It is part number E04091003.
Chapter 1, General Information   U   1.4 MB PDF
Chapter 1, General Information   V   6.4 MB PDF
Chapter 2, Description   U   380 kB PDF
Chapter 2, Description   V   930 kB PDF
Chapter 3, Programming  C   1.9 MB PDF
Chapter 4, Alignment   U   404 kB PDF
Chapter 4, Alignment   V   1.0 MB PDF
Chapter 5, Chip Repair   C   113 kB PDF
Chapter 6, Block Diagrams   U   202 kB PDF
Chapter 6, Block Diagrams   V   715 kB PDF
Chapter 7A, CNTL 1 Unit   C   2.8 MB PDF
Chapter 7B, CNTL 2 Unit   C   3.1 MB PDF
Chapter 7C, TX Unit   U   2.3 MB PDF
Chapter 7C, TX Unit   V   3.2 MB PDF
Chapter 7D, RX Unit   U   2.8 MB PDF
Chapter 7D, RX Unit   V   5.4 MB PDF
Chapter 7E, TX VCO Unit   U   227 kB PDF
Chapter 7E, TX VCO Unit   V   1.4 MB PDF
Chapter 7F, RX VCO Unit   U   249 kB PDF
Chapter 7F, RX VCO Unit   V   1.3 MB PDF
Chapter 7G, PA Unit   U   1.5 MB PDF
Chapter 7G, PA Unit   V   2.2 MB PDF
Chapter 7H, REG Unit   C   1.9 MB PDF
Chapter 7I, DSUB Unit   C   132 kB PDF
Chapter 7J, MOD Jack Unit   C   160 kB PDF
Chapter 7K, CAPA Unit   C   672 kB PDF
Chapter 8, Mechanical   C   134 kB PDF
The whole UHF manual as one PDF file   12.4 MB cleaned up and merged by WA1MIK
The whole VHF manual as one PDF file   41 MB

VXR-7000 Articles and Manuals:

A note from A. Nony Mous:

If you are going to buy a second hand VXR-7000 you want to pay attention to the model number:
VXR-7000VA = 136-150 MHz
VXR-7000VC = 150-174 MHz
VXR-7000UA = 400-430 MHz
VXR-7000UD = 450-480 MHz
VXR-7000UF = 480-512 MHz
Is there a Yaesu person out there that knows the model code for 430-450 MHz?
Also note that the power is adjustable from 10 to 50w, but it's rated at 30w continuous.
The CE-27 software is required to program it.
VXR-7000 Repeater Brochure   1.3 MB PDF
VXR-7000 Repeater Operating Manual   2000 edition   1 MB PDF
VXR-7000 Repeater Operating Manual   2013 edition   1.8 MB PDF
VXR-7000 VHF Repeater Service Manual   10 MB PDF
VXR-7000 VHF Technical Bulletin TB0711-1A - Sideband Noise Fix   187 kB PDF
VXR-7000 UHF Repeater Service Manual   11 MB PDF
VXR-7000 Repeater Programming Adapter   By Matt Krick K3MK
VXR-7000 CE27 EEPROM Programming Software Reference Manual   258 kB PDF
Computer Automation Technology ("CAT") makes some good repeater controllers. This link goes to their "Interfacing a Vertex 7000 Repeater to an external repeater controller" interfacing note.
Note that the writeup is for a carrier squelch repeater and the signal is a "Carrier Present" or "Channel Busy" signal.
Getting a COR PLUS PL signal from a VXR-7000 Repeater   By Scott Lichtsinn KBØNLY
This mod provides a much more usable signal - a "Receiver Unsquelched" signal - on a previously unused pin of the connector.
Interfacing a CAT300DX repeater controller to a VXR-7000 repeater   By Billy Singleton K4ACT
A step-by-step procedure that requires Scott's COR PLUS PL mod (above). The techniques in this article should apply to just about any other repeater controller.

VXR-9000 Articles and Manuals:

VXR-9000 Brochure / Specifications Sheet   617 kB PDF
VXR-9000 Operator's Manual   2004 edition   470 kB PDF
VXR-9000 Operator's Manual   2013 edition   401 kB PDF
VXR-9000 VHF Repeater Service Manual   5.6 MB PDF
VXR-9000 UHF Repeater Service Manual   5.5 MB PDF
Modifying a Vertex VXR-9000 UHF Repeater To Operate in the 440-450 MHz Range   By Bryan Dygert KC8LMI

Miscellaneous Articles and Manuals:

Yaesu FRG-7 Instruction Manual   3.5 MB PDF
Yaesu YC-355D Frequency Counter Instruction Manual   2.7 MB PDF
At one point Yaesu made a few pieces of test equipment. This is an older Nixie™ display based TTL frequency counter.
Note from WA6ILQ: I still have a YC-355D - it was the first really useful counter that I had that wasn't full of tubes... I had built a counter that used RTL logic, but it couldn't even get up to 1500 kHz. I traded a Moto all-tube dynamotor mobile for the YC-355D... I think I got the better deal.
Having some performance issues after replacing your GE or Motorola repeater with a Fusion repeater? This article by Dan Gunter KK4ICE offers an explanation.

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