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Technical Information

The 500s were hybrid radios and could be compared to the MASTR Pro vintage - separate RX and TX strips. The 500s were all solid state except for the final which could be either a normal or an instant-heat tube. The UHF 500s had one useful design feature - the TX PA deck was connected to the exciter with a 50 ohm cable. Removing the PA deck and the transistorized HV power supply turned the 500 into a full duplex continuous duty 10w radio.

In the 1960s RCA also made tube-style trunk-mount two-way radio equipment, similar to the GE Progress Line and the Motorola Twin-V radios. At the moment we don't have any info on that vintage equipment.

The following articles and manuals were scanned and converted to PDF by Bob N3LKL. Most came with BMP, JPG, and PCX files for every page.

3-minute Timer Module
Control Driver Module
Control Terminal Panel
Low IF Module
Low IF Addendum
Base/Repeater Installation
ML1000 RX Bench Testing
Series 700 150 MHz 25w TX
Series 700 150 MHz 70w TX
Series 700 150 MHz 70w TX; slightly different
Series 700/1000 Tx Addendum
Series 700/1000 Optional Modules
150 MHz Preamp
450 MHz Preamp
Series 1000 Power Supply Panel
Series 1000 Power Supply
Regulator Module
Series 700 150 MHz RX
Series 1000 Station Description
TCXO (channel element)
Filter/Ant.Sw./VSWR Sensor Module
DC Control Module
150 MHz Tuning Instructions

Other manuals and sales brochures:

ML1000 DeskTop Base Stations Spec Sheet

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