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Compiled by Mike Morris WA6ILQ
Maintained by Robert Meister WA1MIK

Below are are manuals for equipment from other manufacturers that don't have their own pages at this site. When we have enough from one manufacturer we will create a page for them. Test equipment companies are listed under "Test Equipment" on the main index page.

Donations of manual files for this page are gratefully accepted.

Advanced Receiver Research (ARR) Preamp Instruction Sheet   446 kB PDF file
This covers the P28VDG, P50VDG, P136VDG, P144VDG, P220VDG and P432VDG models.
Azden PCS-5000 Instruction Manual   6.7 MB PDF file
Azden PCS-7000H Schematic Diagram   3.6 MB PDF file
All of the 7000-series radios have nearly the same schematic. Obviously the TX and RX sections would have different component values. Supposedly the manuals had addendums to cover the various band differences.
John Bell Corp. AP4800 Manual   387 kB PDF file           Photo of the AP4800 board
B and D Enterprises 1P repeater controller manual   163 kB PDF file courtesy of KB3CEZ
CBS Labs Audimax III and IIIS automatic level control   920 kB PDF file Compliments of Larry Saletzki WA9VRH
CBS Labs Volumax model 400 automatic peak controller   349 kB PDF file Compliments of Larry Saletzki WA9VRH
Cetec-Vega Model 188 tunable PL encoder (includes schematic)   54 kB PDF file Courtesy of Mike WA6ILQ
While most modern tone encoders have a DIP switch to select specific tones this one has a 15-turn trimpot (or 20, depending on the production run), and the circuit is easily duplicated on a perfboard. Cetec-Vega no longer makes it (in fact, Cetec-Vega is no more), so build one and have fun!
Channel Master five-band monitor antenna, model 5094A Monitenna Manual   45 kB PDF file
ChargeGuard CG-12D Instructions   210 kB PDF file courtesy of Mike WA6ILQ
ChargeGuard CG-X Instructions   387 kB PDF file   current model.
Clegg Communications Corporation was run by Ed Clegg, W8LOY, from the 1960s until he died in September of 2001 at age 80. Clegg was one of the early and most popular amateur VHF radio manufacturers and importers.
Mark Three   1.2 MB PDF file   Equivalent to the Midland 13-500. The last page of the PDF is a full-size schematic diagram.
FM-76   1.5 MB PDF file   Equivalent to the Midland 13-509. The second page of the PDF is a full-size schematic diagram.
FM-88   1 MB PDF file   Equivalent to the Midland 13-510A (the 2m version of the Midland 13-513 220 radio).
Ed never marketed the synthesized 220 radios. The FM-28 and FM-88 had a factory installed scanner option (FM-28S or FM-88S) that was very rare. The scanner was actually made by CES as their 800-ML product.
CPI Communications Model 824 Autopatch manual   530 kB PDF file donated by Jay Damkoehler W4EBO
CSC CWID-50B, -50BR, and -51B CW ID units   456 kB PDF file donated by Eric Lemmon WB6FLY
Note that the original 16-pin TTL EPROM is no longer available, but you can make an adapter to allow use of the more readily available 27Cxxx series EPROMS. The manual walks you through what each bit is used for.
CSI - There are or were three different companies that used the initials CSI - one was Communication Systems Incorporated (CSI) Company in Lynwood, Washington which is long out of business. That CSI was a manufacturer of commercial two-way radio PL/CG/tone/CTCSS/DPL/Digital-sub-tone panels (community repeater/shared repeater tone panels). These blue-gray color CSI-32 plain and CSI Super-32 Repeater Tone Panels are not to be confused with similar products made by Connect Systems Inc. originally in Torrance (now in Ventura) in Southern California - the two companies despite the identical monikers are not and were not related in any way. Nor are they related to a third "CSI", Communications Specialists Inc. (also known as Com-Spec), the makers of the popular subaudible tone encoders and decoders, which is in the city of Orange, in Southern California. Communications Specialists Inc. (Com-Spec) and Connect Systems have their own pages at this web site.

The first file listed below contains the basic (standard) CSI 32 Repeater Tone Panel Controller manual (photo of the unit). The second file contains the CSI Super 32 Repeater Tone Panel (Controller) manual. The last two files contain the two pages of programming commands from the basic (standard) CSI 32 Tone Panel Controller Manual; the zip file contains two GIF files, and the PDF is a two page image file.
If anyone has photos of the Super 32 panel we'd appreciate an email...

The first four of the Communication Systems Incorporated (CSI-Lynwood) files below were donated by Skipp May
  CSI 32 Repeater Tone Panel (Controller) manual   1.5 MB PDF file with bad pages removed.
  CSI Super 32 Repeater Tone Panel (Controller) manual   921 kB PDF file
Here's the corrected chapter 4, programming information that has both sides of the page scanned.   6.4 MB PDF file.
  CSI 32 / Super 32 command list   One 511 kB ZIP file containing two GIF files
  CSI 32 / Super 32 command list (a two-page PDF file)   570 kB PDF file

Data Signal Inc. (DSI) became Game Country, Inc. and they still have some old manuals left.
They wrote:
We did go by the name Data Signal quite a few years ago. We got out of that business when cell phones took off and eliminated about 80% of our product line. Fortunately, we do still have some of the old product manuals available. As an example, we have a CWID 70-DC version that you can purchase for $10.00. It has all the information that you need. Schematics, theory, installation and so on. One thing you do need to know is that coding of the PROM is no longer possible by us. If you need to change the code, then you will have to go elsewhere. To get the manual send a check along with your complete mailing address. Please let me know if you need further assistance.
Technical Support
Game Country, Inc.
2403 Commerce Lane
Albany, GA 31707
The Daiwa PS-400X and PS-880 schematic   273 kB JPG donated by Erik Iddings KF4KRK
The schematic of a rather rare power supply... it was not provided with the unit and Erik had to go hunting.
The Diamond GZV-4000 power supply schematic   198 kB PDF file donated by Scott Lichtsinn KBØNLY
An adjustable (5-15V) 40A switching power supply.
The Drake TR-33C 2-meter portable transceiver   3.5 MB PDF file donated by Mike WA6ILQ
This is a single-crystal-per-channel design similar to that of the Motorola Metrum or MICOR. Note that the unit has a mess of of small coax stuffed into the bottom of the antenna pocket. It's a magic length - a quarter wave at 2m - so don't change it.
Emergency Beacon Corporation EBC-144 Jr. manual   879 kB PDF file
Bob WA1MIK scanned his own manual and cleaned it up significantly. It's still full of errors, but so were the radios.
HAL ID-1A Diode Matrix Programming   670 kB PDF file donated by Greg Beat W9GB
This is not the complete ID-1A manual, just the chapter on programming the diode matrix. Note that the original 1N270 germanium diodes are hard to find, since they are no longer actively manufactured. The Central Semiconductor CDSH270 is a Silicon Schottky diode specifically designed to replace Germanium diodes manufactured with 1950s technology like the 1N270, 1N277, etc. with 1990s technology. Advantages of this new technology are lower forward voltage, lower leakage, faster switching speed, and a more robust package. Mouser part # 610-CDSH270 was a reliable source for this diode in 2008 at about 25 cents each. The HAL ID-1000 uses a DIFFERENT Diode Matrix format, so this manual excerpt is not helpful for that newer CW ID model.
Harris RF-1525 repeater/mobile radio - part 1   890 kB PDF file donated by Scott N3XCC
Harris RF-1525 repeater/mobile radio - part 2   1.43 MB PDF file donated by Scott N3XCC
Henry C70D-series UHF 70 watt amplifiers   480 kB PDF file donated by Bob WA1MIK
Henry C100D-series UHF 100 watt amplifiers   360 kB PDF file donated by Bob WA1MIK
Henry C200D-series UHF 200 watt amplifiers   222 kB PDF file donated by Jack WB8BFS
Innovative Circuit Technology (ICT) 12V 30A DC switching power supply schematic   61 kB PDF file
KE2AM Repeater Controller   711 kB PDF file
Here's a higher resolution scan, but a larger file   6.6 MB PDF file
Both of these files were donated by Don Kirchner W5DK and contain all available documentation plus the 73 magazine review and sales sheet/advertisement.
Kantronics KPC-3-Plus manual version D   1.7 MB PDF file
Karter Electronics Simpeater - Simplex Repeater Controller   1.6 MB PDF file
Kay Switched Attenuators manual   1 MB PDF file
KDK 2033 mobile 2m radio   6.8 MB PDF file
Linear Modulation (British) 220 MHz Repeater Service Manual   27 MB PDF file courtesy of Matt K3MK
A high-resolution (33 MB) scanned version is available here.
MABEL AllStar Asterisk Controller for the Yaesu DR-1X   PDF file courtesy of Wade Oestreich KC0MLT
This is a repeater controller project for the DR-1X that allows complete analog control, with linking and lock-up prevention.
Maxon SM-4450 UHF Synthesized Mobile Radio Service Manual   19.8 MB PDF file courtesy of Don K8ZGW
This radio is identical to the GE Monogram series; it just has a different name.
Megawatt S-350-12 Switching Power Supply Evaluation and Load Test   by Eric Lemmon WB6FLY
This inexpensive power supply is put through its paces.
Midian Electronics ID-1 Automatic Morse Code Station Identifier   320 kB PDF file
Mirage B1018G 2M Mobile RF Amplifier With Schematic   94 kB PDF file
10w in, 160w out, with preamp. Manual is missing cover sheet but has schematics.
NorComm NC104 CTCSS Encoder   109 kB PDF file
Optoelectronics Scout Frequency Counter User's Manual   286 kB PDF file
Optoelectronics 3000A Frequency Counter Owner's Manual   612 kB PDF file courtesy of Bob WA1MIK. Includes revisions.
Optoelectronics 3000A Frequency Counter User's Guide   209 kB PDF file courtesy of Bob WA1MIK
Pyramid VR-100 Vehicular Repeater   334 kB PDF file
This unit extends the operation of an existing mobile radio to a UHF portable. Signals received by the mobile radio are transmitted to the portable. Transmitted signals from the portable get retransmitted by the mobile radio.
Racom 1300 Morse Code Station Identifier Instruction Manual   477 kB PDF file found on the web, cleaned up by WA1MIK
This seems to be aimed at the commercial two-way radio market.
Racom is still in business at
Racom 1401 CW IDer Manual   1.1 MB PDF file cleaned up by WA1MIK
You will probably want to print this short (36 kB PDF file) programming cheat-sheet (page 20 of the manual) and stuff it inside the cabinet.
Racom 1402 CW IDer Manual   3.3 MB PDF donated by Greg Beat W9GB
This is the full manual with schematic and component layout.
Ranger Communications RCI-2950DX, RCI-2970DX-150 Owner's Manual   204 kB PDF file
This is a synthesized 12-meter and 10-meter AM/FM/SSB/CW dual-band amateur mobile transceiver, rated for 25 watts SSB and 10 watts CW/AM/FM (RCI-2950) or 150 watts SSB and 50 watts CW/AM/FM (RCI-2970).
Repco 900 MHz manual   225 kB PDF file donated by Skipp May
Also bear in mind that Repco is a generic brand. Repco did/does contract manufacture and private labels/labeled their products for E. F. Johnson, Federal Sign and Signal, KAAR, Marconi and several other well known brands. Also sold as the Neulink 900 MHz tx/rx.
RF Technology (of Australia) Eclipse Repeater Manuals and Diagrams   13 MB ZIP file courtesy of Eric VE2VXT
RF Technology (of Australia) Eclipse Software   207 kB ZIP file courtesy of Eric VE2VXT
Securitron 97813 CW ID unit   70 kB PDF file donated by Frank Vondra WBØQQK
Solid-State Communications (SSC) 224BA/BY Two-Tone Sequential Decoder   450 kB PDF file
Solid-State Communications (SSC) 237 Two-Tone Sequential Encoder   1 MB PDF file donated by Tim N3EKG
This is a companion unit to the 224-series two-tone decoders.
Solid-State Communications (SSC) 715BB Adapter   490 kB PDF file donated by Steve W6KCS
This lets a Midland XTR base station interface to an SSC 836AA/838AA tone adapter.
Solid-State Communications (SSC) 836AA / 838AA Tone Remote Adapter   1 MB PDF file donated by Steve W6KCS
This adapter allows tone remote control of a base station over a dedicated phone line.
Symmetricon Z3801A GPS Receiver   1.1 MB PDF file
10 MHz GPS-disciplined ovenized oscillator used as a station reference frequency source.
Tempo S1 Owners Manual   2.7 MB PDF file
This is the early synthesized handheld marketed by Henry Corp. The later S4 was UHF. Somewhere in there they made a 220 MHz model - I forget if it was the S2 or S3.
TPL Low-band Amplifier   700 kB PDF file donated by Skipp May
TPL High-band Amplifier   490 kB PDF file donated by Skipp May
TPL UHF Band Amplifier   590 kB PDF file donated by Skipp May
TPL UHF Repeater Amplifier model PA6-1AE 1BE 1FE   230 kB PDF file donated by Sal Calabrese N2EHS
Wansen S-350-5 Switching Power Supply Load Test   35 kB PDF file by Eric Lemmon WB6FLY
This generic, inexpensive 350 watt, 5 Volt, 70 Amp unit is marketed as an LED lighting power supply. It was purchased by Bob WA1MIK who sent it to Eric WB6FLY for load testing. Read his Megawatt S-350-12 article above as this supply is nearly identical inside and out.
Waters Hybrid Couplers model 3001 and 3002   563 kB PDF file
The Waters phone patches were the Rolls Royce grade units of the 1960s-1970s and are still prized today. The 3002 had an additional audio leveling amplifier that worked quite well. The physical design was interesting as well: the unit could sit horizontally on top of a radio, or vertically next to it. The front panel was reversible for either mode.

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