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Manufacturer's Contact Information:
  Uniden America Corporation
6225 N. State Highway 161, Suite 300
Irving, TX. 75038, USA
Phone: 817-858-3300
Fax: 817-858-3300
Web Site:

In March 2000 RELM Corp. purchased the entire private radio product line.

Bear in mind that Uniden of Japan is both a manufacturer of Uniden products and a contract manufacturer. Uniden private labels / labeled for Bearcat, Radio Shack / Realistic, Panasonic, Sony, and several other well known brands. Uniden (under its own name) dipped its toe into the USA land mobile pool, and decided to not go swimming.

You should read this page before any of the other articles here in the Uniden section.
Uniden Introductory Information   An introduction to the Uniden equipment, with background, history, some model-specific information,photos, and other miscellaneous items.

Most of the info below is here because at some time or another either the author of this page or a friend needed to locate this information, and we decied to post it here in case somone else needed it as well.

Consumer Electronics Equipment:

While looking for Land Mobile equipment manuals I stumbled across a consumer elctronics equipment owner's manuals download web page. If you are looking for an owner's manual on almost any current Uniden consumer product i.e. Cordless Phones, VoIP Phones, Business Phones, Marine Electronics, CB Radios, Scanners, Digital Cameras, GPS Navigation, Cellular Phones, Pagers, Radar Detectors, Satellite Receivers, Laptop and Palm-sized Computers, Modems, etc. go to this Uniden page and select what you are looking for. Note that the "Two Way Radios" option is only bubble-packed consumer FRS radios, i.e. nothing in Land Mobile. And there is no older equipment listed.

Weather Receivers, etc:

Uniden WX-100 Weather Receiver Reference Manual   273 Kb PDF file
Uniden WX-500 Weather Receiver Reference Manual   337 Kb PDF file

Bearcat Scanners, etc:

Bearcat BC-200XLT/205XLT Scanner Service Manual   2.6 MB PDF file
Bearcat BC-210 Scanner Owner's Manual   256 kB PDF file
Bearcat BC-210 Scanner Service Manual   3.2 MB PDF file
Bearcat BC-210XL Scanner Owner's Manual   4 MB PDF file
Bearcat BC-210XL Scanner Schematics   291 kB PDF file
Bearcat BC-220 Scanner Service Manual   3.8 MB PDF file
Bearcat BC-250 Scanner Service Manual   4 MB PDF file
Bearcat BC-890XLT Scanner owner's Manual   1.3 MB PDF file
Bearcat BC-895XLT Scanner Owner's Manual   2.17 MB PDF file
A note on the Uniden MR8100 Scanner: Introduced in 1989, this was one of the first scanners that had a serial port and matching computer software that could load the preprogrammed channels, in this case 10 banks of 10 channels. The advertised frequency range was 29-54, 118-174, 406-512, 806-956 MHz in AM and FM. This was not the "full" range, and the full range could be unlocked if you knew the secret key... In the Uniden software, make sure "Shift Lock" and "Num Lock" are off, then Press (ctrl-alt-p). You will see "ENTER CODE:". Turn "Shift Lock" on. Enter ECPA1986 . Display will say "ENTER CODE:ENABLED". Open freq file and program as usual, all 800 MHz freqs are now available (That's an interesting choice of a password). A lot more technical information about the MR8100 can be found here.
Uniden MR8100 Scanner Owner's Manual   711 kB PDF
I found this ZIP file on another web site... I do not have an MR8100 to test it with, and I have no idea how complete it is: Uniden MR8100 Service Procedures and Specs about 1 MB ZIP file.
Anyone have any other documentation for the Uniden MR8100 scanner?

Land Mobile Equipment:

The "Commercial Communications Division" of Uniden America was in Fort Worth, Texas. Repeater-Builder is looking for articles on the Uniden desktop repeaters (especially the ARH-351, ARU-251 and ARU-351), and other land mobile equipment such as the AMX-501, SMH-400G, SPU-416K, etc. Also any programming software. Uniden Land Mobile Radio is pretty much long gone (the company focus is in other markets) so there's not much available to support any use of their equipment. The equipment is pretty much useless unless you have everything to place it in service... and I mean everything. So anything that is made available here will help the rest of us continue to use the Uniden equipment that is out there. And donations can be made anonymously.
S-Com 5K to Uniden ARU-251 Interface Article in PDF   Information provided by S-COM LLC, PDF'd by Kevin K. Custer W3KKC. 1.25 MB PDF file.
The other S-Com models interface the same, all you have to do is to compensate for the connector pin number differences (see the S-Com page for a single sheet-summary of pin numbers)
Uniden ARH-351 manual   4.2 MB PDF file
Uniden ARU-251 manual   11 MB PDF file
Click here for photo of a Uniden ARU-251 (hey, it's free).
Uniden ARX 1200/1200A/1600 (Milcom P15-05L1-C1) 900 MHz Amplifier Manual   2.7 MB PDF file
Uniden MRS-904 900 MHz station Service Manual   13 MB PDF file
Uniden SMU-4525TK sales brochure   81 kB PDF file
This radio is identical to the Standard GX1510U. A service manual for the Standard model can be found on the Standard Radio page. Both radios use the AMX-501 programmer below.

Uniden AMX-501 Programmer Interface Schematic   150 kB PDF file
Some books call this the AMX-501, some call it the AMX-5011. Page 1 of the schematic says AMX-501. Page 2 says AMX-501Z. Courtesy of Eric WB6FLY.

ARX-330 28 Volt, 25A intermittent, 18A continuous, linear power supply   35 KB PDF
A no-frills rack-mount 28V power supply identical to the Astron LS-25A.

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