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. Interface a Vertex FTL mobile to the VXR-5000 repeater for single channel link and remote applications with the RI-310.
. Set up a USR 56K external modem to work with the RI-300/RI-310 controller.
. Connect a USR 56K external modem to an RI-300/RI-310 controller.
. Connect a Vertex Standard VXR-7000 repeater to an RI-300 controller.
. Connect a Kenwood TKR-750/850 repeater to an RI-300 controller.
. How to terminate crimp connectors to Low Loss 900 coax
. One method of using the RBI-3 to control a Kenwood 541
This application note is courtesy of Carmen J. D'Agostino, N6AKK of the IBM Amateur Radio Club.
. RI-100 Repeater Controller V1.10 User Manual
. RI-200 and RI-210 Repeater Controller V2.02 User Manual
. RI-200 Version 2.11 and RI-300e and RI-310e Version 3.11 Repeater Controller User Manual
. PE-3 Port Expansion User Manual

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