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Kendecom Inc. closed opperations on Sept. 9, 2000
ACS is the current name.

Advanced Communication Systems (ACS Incorporated)
25 Elm Park
Groveland, MA 01834
Phone: 978-372-3442       Fax: 978-373-7304
email: advcommsys /at/ att /dot/ net

There is a yahoogroup (mailing list) called "Advcommsys" that is described as: "This is a general list available for people seeking information on Kendecom and Micro Control Specialties radio equipment. This includes the Mark 4 and KRP-5000 repeaters, Mark 4 CR receiver, KVT-8000 voting receiver, the PA-100 Power Amplifier and the MCS MT-4 Transmitter. All are welcome."
It's not a busy list, 16 messages in all of 2006, and 8 in all of 2007, but I'm mentioning it here as a service. I do not know if it's factory supported or not. Join it using this signup link:

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. Kendecom repeater documentation   856 kB PDF file.
Looks like two manuals in one file. The first covers the MR-4 receiver, PA-30 Power Amp, MT4-V1 transmitter; the second covers the MT450-B transmitter (starts on page 23 of the manual file).
. Kendecom Mark 4 repeater documentation   4.7 MB PDF file.
This covers the Mark 4-CR Repeater and the Mark 4-C Controller. Noted as Version 3.6, and is dated August 1996.
. Advanced Communications Systems Mark 4 audio board layout diagram   29 kB PDF file.
Some manuals were missing this page.

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