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Compiled by Mike Morris WA6ILQ
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The contents of this page, like most here at, are totally dependent on donations of information.

If you have a hint, or a useful trick, please consider writing it up and sending it in.

Contact:   S-COM, LLC
PO Box 1546
LaPorte, Colorado, USA 80535-1546
Voice: (970) 416-6505
Fax: (970) 419-3222
E-mail: sales (at) scomcontrollers (dot) com
Contact Bob Schmid directly at bob (at) scomcontrollers (dot) com
For reference, the prior address (seen in many old manuals) was Box 1718 in Loveland, Colorado.

Note that the S-Com factory still supports all of the 5K, 6K and 7K controllers, including spare parts stock.

The S-Com corporate web site has a wealth of information on the Resources page at

One trick that has been done to confuse folks that want to play with your system is to use a courtesy tone that is commonly used by another brand of controller. The ACC page at this web site has a PDF that describes the factory shipped courtesy beeps. They are included in the courtesy tones collection page (trust me - the "Nextel Beep" is cute, but becomes real annoying after a while).

The 2.04x version of the firmware for the 7K was developed by Vyex (from the S-Com 7K 2.03x firmware) to fully integrate the new Digital Audio board with the 7K controller. A number of very useful features were added at the same time (like an IF-THEN-ELSE construct). Support for all 2.04x issues is provided by Vyex, with contact information on their web page.

The Vyex Digital Audio Board   - a replacement for the S-Com speech synthesizer board... Bring your 7K up to date!   (offsite link)
S-Com Connector pinout  Models 5K, 6K, 7K and 7330
Sample programming for the S-Com repeater controller line   Programmers would call these "code fragments" - just little tricks and treats that others have developed and decided to share. By Joel Huntley WA1ZYX (off-site link)
S-COM 7K to MICOR station interfacing   (19kB PDF file)   By Bob Hoffman N3CVL.
This file was recreated from old postscript files. Diagrams only; no text.
Another connection of a repeater controller (an S-COM 7K) to the MICOR Unified Chassis Station   By Joel Huntley WA1ZYX (off-site link)
Interfacing a GE MASTR II Base Station / Repeater to a S-Com 5K or 7K   (19kb PDF file)   By Bob Schmid WA9FBO of S-Com, LLC. (Also applies to the 6k with connector pin number changes.) (off-site link)
Interfacing a Uniden Repeater to an S-Com 5K   (108kb PDF file)   Just change the pin numbers for the 6K or 7K
Interfacing an MSF5000 Repeater to an S-Com 7330   (372kb PDF file)   By Justin Reed NØUJQ
Interfacing a Kenwood TKR-720 or TKR-820 repeater to an S-Com 5K   By John "Jake" Eckardt N3FU
Recovering the extra User Function Outputs from an S-COM 7K   Eight additonal digital outputs are available from a 7K controller. Here's a schematic of the hardware to do it.   By Andy Zorca WJ9J
Configuring the S-Com 6K to Operate a Link Transceiver   A thorough step-by-step walkthrough, including programming, by Justin Reed NØUJQ   (The technique also applies to the 7k with connector pin number changes.)
Programming your S-Com 5K, 6K or 7K repeater controller without a radio or a phone line   The pre-7330 S-Com controllers do not have a serial port.   Here's how to get around that.   By Mike Morris WA6ILQ
Analog Audio Delay Module Schematic (ADM)  This is the early analog delay module. Most had two of the pots sealed with glyptal - Don't mess with the sealed pots!
Digital Audio Delay Module Schematic (DADM)   This is the later digital delay module.   Switch setting info is here:
S-Com 7330 Board Layout   This is worth printing on a color printer and putting inside the case of the controller.
Various Technical Notes on S-Com products   by Mike Morris WA6ILQ

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