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"Wish-List" and
Article Ideas List

Here are some manuals we would like to get scans of:

Here are some ideas for articles that we'd like to see...
If you think that something belongs on this list that isn't, just look at the bottom of this page.
And if you want to write up something that isn't on the list, well, feel free to! (See the writer's guidelines.)

In no particular order...

If you think of a topic that needs to be added to this page (even if someone else writes the article on it), send an email to us and let us know... the address is "article-ideas at repeater dash builder dot com". Please put "repeater-builder article idea list" in the subject line.

Potential authors please see this web page: The writer's guidelines. Don't worry about your writing/spelling ability - that's what editors are for. If you can tell someone else how you modified a radio, can push the button on a digital camera, can compose and send an email and know how to attach a file to it, consider yourself as qualified.

Naturally, all authors will retain the copyright to their own work. The web site copyright is superceded by any author's copyright. We wouldn't need to copyright the site except that mooching/freeloading idiots were taking all the articles on a given radio (i.e. GE MASTR IIs) and selling CDs on eBay. It took involving the legal system to get it stopped. No, we are not kidding.

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This page originally posted on Monday 13-Feb-2005

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