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MFJ-224 FM Analyzer   245 KB PDF file
The schematic is included, but there are no parts values. Eric Lemmon WB6FLY posted: "I figured out that U1 is a Motorola MC13135 FM receiver chip, but some of the designations are misleading. For example, the headphone amplifier is shown as Q2, but where is Q1? When performing the alignment procedure shown in the manual, the functions of L1 and L2 are reversed. There may be other errors, but these immediately caught my eye."
MFJ-1270B and MFJ-1274 Packet Radio Terminal Node Controller   4.1 MB PDF file
Subtitled "TNC 2 Rev 3.1 System Manual"
MFJ-1270C and MFJ-1274C Packet Radio Terminal Node Controller   500 KB PDF file
4th edition for version 10 hardware
MFJ-1270 sample hookup diagram
MFJ-2040 Repeater Controller   4.4 MB PDF file
Donated by Charles Lowery NM4V
Improving the MFJ-4225MV Power Supply
by Eric Lemmon WB6FLY. Includes load tests.

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