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. EV-1 Transmitter module   5 watts, 132-174 MHz or 200-250 MHz   Courtesy of Eric Lemmon WB6FLY. 1.45 MB PDF
. PAV1 Power Amplifier module   132-174 MHz, 3 watts in, 25 watts out   Courtesy of Jacob Nagel ADØJA. 671 kB PDF
. PAV and PAV1 Power Amplifier modules   200-250 MHz, 3-5 watts in, 15 or 25 watts out   Courtesy of Eric Lemmon WB6FLY. 252 kB PDF
. R4V Receiver module   130-175 MHz or 200-250 MHz   Courtesy of Eric Lemmon WB6FLY. 1.36 MB PDF
. R4U Receiver module   400-444 MHz or 442-470 MHz or 465-512 MHz   Courtesy of Wes K7WWG. 2.88 MB PDF
. CORI - C.O.R. Indentifier module   Courtesy of Joe K1IKE. 1.4 MB PDF
. Hi Pro E Repeater Operating and Maintenance manual   Courtesy of Francis KB7IP. 752 kB PDF
. Hi Pro E Wiring Diagrams   Courtesy of Francis KB7IP. 287 kB PDF
. Hi Pro E External Connections   Courtesy of Francis KB7IP. 164 kB PDF
. Hi Pro E to Link RLC2 or Arcom RC210 connections   Courtesy of Francis KB7IP. 156 kB PDF

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