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Repeater-Builder is looking for information on the various models of current and older Icom commercial mobiles as to their usefulness as remote bases or point-to-point links. Also we are interested in the commercial mobiles, the amateur and commercial repeaters with emphasis on:
  • What the differences are between the various models
  • The frequency ranges and which ones are crystal or synthesized
  • What makes one particular model better over another (i.e. which ones are the turkeys)
  • What it takes to move them onto amateur radio frequencies
  • If they aren't crystal controlled, information on how to program them (i.e. hardware programmer, PC program or front panel programming) would be appreciated, as well as what PC software do you need (and how to get it)

Modifications and Articles

UX-49 PLL Lock Fix (The UHF IC-900 module)   By Kevin Custer W3KKC
CTCSS Tone Chart   By Kevin Custer W3KKC
IC-2A/AT/E Frequency Range Mod
A Modification for the IC-02, 03, 04 transmit audio (will probably be appropriate for the H16, U16 as well)
IC-02, 03, 04, H16, U16 Tone Squelch encode/decode board information   Donated by Jeff Kincaid W6JK
Fixing the random microphonic crackle in the IC-2100 2m mobile
Interfacing an IC-28, 38 or 48 mobile for remote base service   Donated by Lee N3APP
Some modification info for the IC-37 family.   Collected by Mike Morris WA6ILQ
The IC-37 is the 220 MHz radio. Some of the info will apply to the 2m and 440 versions.
Interfacing the IC-RPxx20 Repeater to a Link-Comm RLC Controller   58 kB PDF file
This writeup is from Link Communications and is frequency independent. Information donated by Eric Struble.
Interfacing the IC-RP1520 Repeater to a Computer Automation Technology Inc. Controller  105 kB PDF file
While the title specifies the IC-RP1520 the information is frequency independent and should be applicable to any Icom repeater that has the 8-pin DIN female accessory connector on the rear panel.
A repeater mod for the F121, F121S, F221, and F221S commercial radios   77 kB PDF file.   Donated by Sean Smith VE6SAR.
General Icom Commercial Equipment Information   Donated by Thomas Reynolds KD7SGM.
MDC-1200 Compatible Models   565 kB PDF file
MDC is a data burst based system that is used to identify mobile radios in the land mobile radio world.
Solving antenna connector problems on Icom handhelds: IC2/3/4AT, IC02/03/04AT series   Donated by Mike Morris WA6ILQ.
Increasing the CTCSS level on the IC-706MKIIG transceiver   By David Branson KCØLL.
UX-series Module Interfacing Design Guide   600 kB PDF file   By Joseph Haas KEØFF
A comprehensive guide to the interface signals and protocols used in the IC-900 and IC-901 multi-band transceivers. This is still a work-in-progress and will be updated as time permits, culminating in a full mobile radio control unit. Additional info on the ACC FC-900 interface for the IC-900/901 can be found on the ACC Index page.
OPC-478 Programming cable CAD files (ZIP)   Supplied By James Craswell WØVNE
These files are the CAD files for a program cable used with ICOM products such as the IC-F4S series of UHF Radios. It also works with a wide variety of other radios. You need to download the CIRCAD program from The free demo version should allow you to print out the schematic and even print out a template to make a PCB. Or you can hand wire a board using Vector board. This is a clone of the OPC-478 cable. Hams who like Circad can get the full version, which allows you to make GERBER files to mass produce PCBS for $250 (1/4 the price of the retail version). You can email me at w0vne /at/ yahoo /dot/ com for the details of that but remember: you won't need the full version to make up this board.

Modifications and Articles

Mobiles and Handhelds

Icom Manuals Download Page Icom's own manual page   (offsite link)
IC-2AE (European) Instruction Manual less cover   717 kB PDF file
IC-2A / AT / E Instruction Manual   3.24 MB PDF file
IC-2AT / E complete schematic   95 kB PDF file (European model, with touchtone pad and tone burst)
IC-2A / AT / E Handheld Service Manual   5.2 MB PDF file
IC-µ2A / AT / E Handheld Service Manual   3.14 MB PDF file
Note this is the "Micro" 2A / AT / E model.
IC-3A / AT Handheld Instruction Manual   2.9 MB PDF file
IC-3A / AT Schematic and PCB Layout   1.4 MB PDF file
Anybody have the IC3AT service manual?
IC-3SAT Handheld Instruction Manual   3.3 MB PDF file
IC-3SAT Handheld Instruction Manual   3.9 MB version (slightly better detail)
IC-3SAT Service Manual   2.8 MB PDF file
IC-4A / AT / E Handheld Instruction Manual   601 kB PDF file
Anybody have the service manual for the IC4AT ?
IC-µ4A / AT / E Handheld Service Manual   3.05 MB PDF file
Note this is the "Micro" 4A / AT / E model.
IC-02A / AT Handheld Instruction Manual   1.7 MB PDF file
IC-02A / AT / E Handheld Service Manual   2 MB PDF file
IC-03AT Handheld Instruction Manual   3.9 MB PDF file
IC-03AT Service Manual   2.48 MB PDF file
IC-04A / AT / E Handheld Instruction Manual   1.6 MB PDF file
IC-04A / AT / E Handheld Service Manual   2.43 MB PDF file
IC-A2 Maintenance Sanual   1.84 MB PDF file
Note that this is the aircraft band radio.
IC-4GA / GAT / GE Service Manual   2.44 MB PDF file
IC-12GAT / GE Handheld Service Manual   2 MB PDF file
IC-22U / IC-24E/G Mobile Instruction Manual   1.04 MB PDF file
IC-24AT / IC-24ET dual band Handheld Instruction Manual   3.59 MB PDF file
IC-32A / AT / E dual band Handheld Service Manual   2.78 MB PDF file
IC-37A 220 MHz Instruction Manual   2.6 MB PDF file   radio photo
IC-47A/E UHF Mobile Service Manual   2.87 MB PDF file
IC-125 VHF Radio Telephone Instruction Manual   1.2 MB PDF file
A 5-channel diode-programmable transceiver that supposedly can be converted to operate in the amateur band by replacing two PLL crystals. Donated by Greg Beat.
IC-125/T/TM VHF Land Mobile Radio Telephone Maintenance Manual   6.5 MB PDF file
The full service manual for the above radio. Donated by Greg Beat.
IC-208H two band Mobile Instruction Manual   3.3 MB PDF file
IC-208H two band Mobile Service Manual   4.3 MB PDF file
The service manual has a mis-print. On page 5-2 the resistor in the jig cable should be sized at 22 K ohm, not 2.2 K ohm. Even the Icom Knowledge Base Article on the topic has it wrong. You can download a fixed copy of the above file here as a 4 MB PDF file.
IC-3200A/E dual band Mobile Service Manual   3.8 MB PDF file
IC-3220A/E/H dual band Mobile Service Manual   2.7 MB PDF file
IC-435 UHF mobile info package (sales flyer, schematic, programming)   2.1 MB ZIP file
IC-706 Service Manual   4.4 MB PDF file
This is the HF radio that also does 6 meters. When coupled to a high-end repeater controller that understands what a HF remote base is (like an NHRC-10, an Arcom RC210 or similar capability controller) this makes a dandy HF remote base... Just watch the pre-emphasis and de-emphasis! And note that the Icom command language in the 706 microprocessor has a firmware bug that Icom apparently will NOT fix no matter how many people report it (it's a 10 year old design and they're not going to fix it, they'd prefer you bought a new radio): The 706 series will not let you set the VHF/UHF CTCSS encoder frequency remotely. There is a workaround for this that the Arcom controllers have as a built-in feature: pre-program 32 memory channels with the 32 CTCSS encode tones, then to change frequency recall the appropriate tone-coded memory to the dial, then program the dial with your desired target frequency.
IC-706 MK2 Service Manual   3.5 MB PDF file
This is the later 706 HF radio that also does 6 meters and 2 meters.
IC-706 MK2G User Manual   2.1 MB PDF file
This is the most recent 706 HF radio that also does 6m, 2m and 440 MHz.
IC-706 MK2G Service Manual   12.7 MB PDF file
This is the most recent 706 HF radio that also does 6m, 2m and 440 MHz.
Don't overlook the 706 CTCSS deviation mod above - stock the radios had low CTCSS deviation, KCØLL fixed it.
IC-756 Service Manual   6.5 MB PDF file
IC-900A/E Mobile Service Manual   9.8 MB PDF file
IC-901A/E Mobile Service Manual   9.7 MB PDF file
IC-900-901A/E data structure   82 kB PDF file
IC-2100H 2m Mobile Instruction Manual   790 kB PDF file
IC-2100H 2m Mobile Service Manual   3.46 MB PDF file
IC-2100H 2m mobile schematic package   2.4 MB PDF file
Popular with the Packet / APRS community. Also see the IC-2100 modification file above.
IC-7000 Service Manual   11 MB PDF file
IC-F110S, 111S, 121S and IC-F210S, 211S and IC-F221S Service Manual   5.02 MB PDF file
This contains two manuals: the first is the eight channel 136-174 MHz VHF transceiver (pages 1-37) and the second is the UHF transceiver (pages 38-74). The UHF comes in two splits: 400-430 MHz and 440-490 MHz.
IC-F111, 121 (VHF) and IC-F211, 221 (UHF) Instruction Manual   759 kB PDF file   from Sean Smith VE6SAR
IC-F111S, 121S (VHF) and IC-F211S, 221S (UHF) Instruction Manual   758 kB PDF file   from Sean Smith VE6SAR
IC-H16 and IC-U16 Owner's Manual   3.76 MB PDF file   The owner's manual for the commercial version of the IC-02 and IC-04 (no programming info).
IC-H16, IC-U2, and IC-U16 Instruction Manual   (2.56 MB PDF file)   Seems to be a better scan of a different version of the above manual.
IC-H16, IC-U16, IC-U2, IC-V100, IC-U400, IC-V200, IC-U200 and the IC-V201 Programming information   1.79 MB PDF file
IC-H16 VHF Handheld Service Manual   2.58 MB PDF file
IC-H16T VHF Handheld Service Manual   3.8 MB PDF file
This is the later "T" version
IC-H16 MK-II VHF Handheld Service Manual   10.1 MB PDF file
This is the later "Mark 2" version that was never imported into the USA. It's a totally different radio than the H16.
IC-PS30 13.8V 25A Power Supply Instruction Manual   332 kB PDF file
IC-U16 UHF Handheld Service Manual   2.37 MB PDF file
IC-W2A / W2E Handheld Service Manual   1.8 MB PDF file
IC-W2A / W2E handheld schematics only   514 kB PDF file
To expand the receiver frequency range of the IC-W2A to 118.00-170.00, 322.00-513.00, and 800.000-970.000, do the following: Hold down the Light, B, and # keys while turning the power on. That's actually a four button sequence, since the power on function is controlled by a keypad button.
IC-W21AT / ET Handheld Service Manual   4.2 MB PDF file
IC-W31AT / ET Handheld Service Manual   1.98 MB PDF file
IC-W32AT / ET Handheld Instruction Manual   735 kB PDF file
IC-W32AT / ET Handheld Service Manual   10.8 MB PDF file
R-1 Wideband Handheld Receiver Instruction Manual   6 MB PDF file
R-10 Communications Receiver Instruction Manual   1.21 MB PDF file
R-100 Communications Receiver Instruction Manual   2.17 MB PDF file

Batteries and Chargers

BC-35 Desktop Battery Charger Manual with schematic   763 kB PDF file
BC-35 Manual, a little over half the size, no schematic   409 kB PDF file
BC-35 Schematic Diagram   Vertically oriented for printing   121 kB PDF file
The BC-35 is the drop-in rapid charger for the ICM-5, IC-M11, IC-M16, IC-U16, IC-2GAT, IC-02AT, IC-2AT, IC-32AT, IC-4GAT, IC-04GAT, IC-04AT, IC-4AT, IC-12GAT, IC-03AT, IC-3AT, IC-IC-H2, IC-H6, IC-H12, IC-U12 plus the Radio Shack HTX202 and HTX404.
Historical info about the BC-35 charger
Data sheet on the rechargeable battery packs for the IC-2, IC-3, IC-4, IC-02, IC-03 and IC-04 series handhelds 64 kB PDF file
This data sheet covers the "amateur grade" BP-2, BP-3, BP-4, BP-5, BP-5A, BP-7, BP-8 and BP-70. Except for the BP-4 they are recharged in the BC-35 charger mentioned above (the BP-4 is a holder for ten AA penlight cells).
Data sheet on the rechargeable battery packs for the IC-H16, IC-U16 125 kB PDF file
This data sheet covers the "commercial grade" CM-5, CM-7, CM-8, CM-12, CM-96 series. The trailing B (as in CM-7B) indicates black plastic, a trailing G (as in CM-7G) indicated gray. No trailing letter (as in CM-7) indicated dark gray. All except the CM-12 series are recharged in the BC-35 charger mentioned above (the CM-12 is a holder for ten AA penlight cells).
CM-7 battery pack schematic   (also applicable to the BP-7)
This is the high power ("12 volt") pack that has an interesting design - since the BC-35 is effectively an 11v charger designed to charge 9.6v batteries this battery pack uses an internal relay to switch two 6v cell groups in parallel for charging and in series (12v) for operation.
CM-8 battery pack schematic   (also applicable to the BP-8)


RP-1210 10w 1200 MHz Repeater Service Manual   6.5 MB PDF file
RP-1220 10w 1200 MHz Repeater Instruction Manual   1.6 MB PDF file
RP-1220 10w 1200 MHz Repeater Service Manual   4.7 MB PDF file
RP-1510 25w VHF Repeater Operations Manual   3.9 MB PDF file   (older version)
Includes DIP switch frequency setting chart.
RP-1520 25w VHF Repeater Instruction Manual   3.8 MB PDF file
RP-1520 25w VHF Repeater Service Manual   4.2 MB PDF file
RP-1620 50w VHF Repeater Instruction Manual   2.14 MB PDF file   (newer version)
RP-2210 25w 220MHz Repeater Operating and Service Manual   12.8 MB PDF file
RP-2210 25w 220MHz Repeater Operating and Service Manual   5.1 MB PDF file
A later version that's less than half the file size.
RP-2210 220 MHz Repeater Frequency Switch Chart   35 kB XLS (Excel) format
RP-4020 UHF Repeater Instruction Manual   1.7 MB PDF file Courtesy of Sam Skolfield KJ6QFS
Note that the "service" manual below does not have any info on how to set the RF frequency and tone frequency DIP switches! This manual does! I suggest that you print the three pages of Section 4 and stuff it inside the repeater cabinet.
RP-4020 UHF Repeater Service Manual   3 MB PDF file
10, 25 or 50 watts, depending on the model / version.
RP-4520 UHF Repeater Service Manual   3 MB PDF file
10, 25 or 50 watts, 5 kHz or 2.5 kHz deviation depending on the model / version.
UR-8050 UHF 45W Repeater Service Manual   650 KB PDF file

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