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I know nothing about this equipment so please don't ask!

Granger Associates makes (or at least, made) some 900 MHz point-to-point linking equipment that was very popular for SCADA applications. SCADA is an acronym that stands for Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition. SCADA usually refers to a system that collects data from various sensors at one location (or locations) and then sends this data to a central computer at another location which then processes the data. Some SCADA saystems are set up as monitoring only; others can also do remote control. One large user of SCADA is the petroleum pumping industry - they could have a pump flow sensor and a storage tank level sensor at each pump in an oil field, and have the SCADA system alert a maintenance person if a given pump or tank had a problem. If the control features are implemented the computer could shut down the pump, or take other actions. Another large user is the electrical power industry. Just think of how many substations are out there. Each one needs monitoring and control.

SCADA itself can use wireline or radio links, the Granger radios were basically a replacement for a data link over a phone line. And you may think that 5 watts is insufficient power - it is for someone who forgets that at 900 MHz a 10dB gain beam is physically rather small (elements are about 3 inches or a little over 7cm), and adding one to the transmitter gives the effectiveness of a 50 watt radio. Installing a duplicate 10dB beam antenna on the other end of the link gives the effectiveness of a 100 watt radio with dipoles at each end of the circuit.

We have a few manual PDFs for the Model 6710 system, courtesy of Dennis Wieck N4ZKR:
001-9818 5 Watt Transmitter   373 KB PDF
Granger manual # 098-2626-01 Rev 2 dated 09-1986 for model 6710 "Point to Multipoint UHF Radio SCANCOM 1200M / 9600M Master and 1200R / 9600R Remote Shelf Mounted 001-9818 5 Watt Transmitter"
001-9820 Receiver   250 KB PDF
Granger manual # 098-2644-01 Rev 1 dated 01-1986 for model 6710 "Point to Multipoint UHF Radio SCANCOM 1200M/9600M Master and 1200R/9600R Remote Shelf Mounted 001-9820 Receiver"
002-0246 Interface   523 KB PDF
Granger manual # 098-2648-01 Rev 3 dated 07-1986 for model 6710 "Point to Multipoint UHF Radio SCANCOM 1200M/9600M Master and 1200R/9600R Remote Shelf Mounted 002-0246 Interface"

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