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Glenayre was an American paging equipment manufacturer. Most of the documentation was filed with the FCC in the late 1990s. Glenayre manual part numbers are a nine-digit decimal value starting with 9110. All of this information was obtained and submitted by Thomas KC5KCT.

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The "GL" prefix shown on some model numbers stands for "Gold Line".

RL-903 900 MHz Receiver User Manual p/n 9110.00148, 2.4 MB PDF
This receiver is used for two-way paging. It covers 900-960 MHz depending on options.
T8100 System Manual p/n 9110.01196, Rev A, 3.1 MB PDF
Also includes DSP Exciter (EC) User Manual, p/n 9110.01021 Rev B
Also includes GL2728 AC Input, 28VDC Output Power Supply Technical Manual (no p/n) Issue C, Rev 1
Photos (JPGs):   Front     Back     Top View     Boards Out     Interface Board Top
T8100 Transmitter Schematics 2.1 MB PDF
T8200 1-25w 900 MHz Power Amplifier User Manual p/n 9110.01306, Rev A, 1.9 MB PDF
Also includes T8200 1-25w 900 MHz Transmitter System User Manual, p/n 9110.01305, Rev A
DSP Exciter (EC) User User Manual p/n 9110.01021, Rev B, 2.8 MB PDF
T8200 Exciter Parts List 23 kB PDF
T8200 Exciter Schematics 1.3 MB PDF
T8200 Power Amplifier Parts List 24 kB PDF
T8200 Power Amplifier Schematics 533 kB PDF
T8200 Exciter and Power Amplifier Interior Photographs 624 kB PDF
T8200 Transmitter Exterior Photographs 348 kB PDF
T8XX1 Transmitter System User Manual p/n 9110.00166, Rev K, 1.3 MB PDF
Covers T8311, T8321, T8331, T8411, T8521, T8531, T8611 Transmitters ranging from 450w to 1500w.
T8311 Transmitter and C2000 Controller Board Schematics 205 kB PDF
T8311 Transmitter External Photographs 330 kB PDF
T8311 Exciter and Power Amplifier Internal Photographs 1.1 MB PDF
T8500 DSP Exciter (Wideband) User Manual p/n 9110.00172, Rev I, 1.6 MB PDF
T8500 Wideband Parts List 41 kB PDF
T8500 Schematics 1.4 MB PDF
T8500 Photographs 1.2 MB PDF
T8500 / T8600 User Manual part 1 of 5 p/n 9110.00163, Rev F, 1.2 MB PDF
The Gold Line T8500 transmitter is 250w, the T8600 is 500w, all in the 900 MHz range.
T8500 / T8600 User Manual part 2 of 5 p/n 9110.00159, Rev D, 1.0 MB PDF
This section covers the Gold Line Power Supplies.
T8500 / T8600 User Manual part 3 of 5 p/n 9110.00162, Rev D, 953 kB PDF
This section covers the Gold Line 500w 900 MHz Power Amplifier.
T8500 / T8600 User Manual part 4 of 5 p/n 9110.00164, Rev F, 454 kB PDF
This section covers the Gold Line Video Display Terminal (VDT) interface software that operates with a DEC VT100-type emulating program.
T8600 Parts List 40 kB PDF
T8600 Schematics 1.5 MB PDF
T8600 Photographs 1.2 MB PDF

Additionally, there are some other manuals and files that came with the Glenayre submission:

Paging Systems Limited PSL 693 931 MHz Exciter Technical Handbook Issue 1.0, from 1991. 1 MB PDF
This is part of the QT-6995A & QT-7995A Transmitters. The exciter is a 2RU size module labeled "MT Exciter" on the front panel. It covers 924-960 MHz.
Paging System PM Checks worksheet from 1996. 64 kB DOC file
A document from Skytel for doing PMs on the systems they sold. It contains the password for the C2000 controller (H2AWK) and other miscellaneous information.

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