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DMR articles and links:

DMR-MARC web site   The Motorola Amateur Radio Club Worldwide Network (offsite link)
Introduction and Guide to DMR   311 kB PDF by John Burningham W2XAB
The Beginner's Guide to MotoTRBO   100 kB PDF dated 05-28-11
Things have most likely changed since this was published, but it's better than nothing.

D-STAR articles and links:

Interfacing Common Radios to D-STAR Controllers   by Robert Meister WA1MIK
Interfacing a GE MASTR Exec II to a D-STAR Controller   by Ron Wright N9EE
Interfacing an MSR2000 to a D-STAR Controller   by Ron Wright N9EE
Icom's D-STAR site (offsite link)
ARS Repeater D-STAR controllers and hardware (offsite link)

MotoTRBO and most likely a bunch of other DMR-related terms are copyright by Motorola.

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