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The CAT controllers are very popular, easy to use, and easy to interface. They seem to work well with most Motorola stations and radios. There are interfacing articles on this web site in the following Motorola areas: MTR2000, MSR2000, MSF5000, and MaxTrac.

. CAT-1000 Modem Scripts   By Jim Hartzell WA3UQD
A complete programming utility using Procomm Plus.
. Clock setting utility for the CAT-1000   by Jim Hartzell WA3UQD
Using Procomm Plus to set the clock.
. CAT-1000 Audio Bandwidth Modification   By Jay Farmer N8IPO and Kevin Custer W3KKC
You can increase the audio pass bandwidth of the CAT-1000. This same mod can be done to many of the other CAT controllers, however you will need the applicable schematics and component layouts to change the right parts.
. CAT-200B and DL1000C Frequency Response   By Robert Meister WA1MIK
After reading the above article, the CAT-200B controller and the companion DL1000C audio delay board were found to also have poor frequency response. A similar fix will certainly help things out.
. TimeCAT   Repeater Controller Time Setting Utility by LDG Electronics   (offsite link)

Go directly to the CAT web site for PDF versions of manuals for their current and some of their retired products. The following manuals are for discontinued products or are NOT on the CAT web site. Most of the manuals on their site have no schematics.

. The CAT-200B Repeater Controller Manual   1.35 MB PDF
Includes the CI-200 RS-232/Weather interface, the DL-1000C Audio Delay Board, and the RLS-1000B Remote Link Switch.
. The CAT-300 Repeater Controller Manual   464 kB PDF.
. The CAT-300 Repeater Controller Data Sheet   235 kB PDF. Contains schematic.
. The CAT-300DX Repeater Controller Manual   464 kB PDF.
. The CAT-500 Repeater Controller Manual   329 kB PDF.
. The CAT-700 Repeater Controller Manual   1.4 MB PDF. Donated by Bill K2WH.
. The CAT-700B Repeater Controller Manual   976 kB PDF. Donated by Bill K2WH.
. The CAT-1000 Repeater Controller Manual   615 kB PDF.
. The RBS-1000 Remote Base Switch Manual   189 kB PDF.
. The RBS-1000B Remote Base Switch Schematic   335 kB PDF.
. The RLS-1000B Remote Link Switch Manual   326 kB PDF.
. The SQ-1000 Super-Squelch board Manual   195 kB PDF.
. The WD-100 Digital Weather Decoder [Receiver] Manual   326 kB PDF.
. The WX-200 Digital Weather [Receiver] Manual   189 kB PDF.
. The WX-250 Digital Weather Receiver Manual   2.9 MB PDF.
. The WX-1000 Digital Weather Receiver Manual   1.1 MB PDF. Donated by Eric WB6FLY.

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