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Compiled by Kevin Custer W3KKC and Mike Morris WA6ILQ
Maintained by Kevin Custer W3KKC

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Chris can be contacted at:
support [ at ] advancedcomputercontrols [ dot ] com


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The contents of this page, like most here at, are totally dependent on donations of information.
If you have a hint, or a useful trick, please consider writing it up and sending it in. Donations of additional material to this page (or any page on this web site) are always welcome.

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Contact Info:
  ACC folded in July of 1995 but some support is available from the folks that bought the remains:
  Link Communications, Inc.
1407 4th Ave N
Billings, Montana 59101
RLC Controllers, now
Audio Test Solutions, Inc.
4890 Vandaveer Road
Billings, Montana 59101
Main Phone: 406-245-5002
Email: info //at// link-comm //dot// com

Main Phone: 406-294-5108
Web page:

. General ACC Introductory Information   READ THIS FIRST

RC-85: (the last version was 5.2)

. RC-85 original brochure in PDF format   432 kB PDF file
. RC-85 Manual in PDF format   1.4 MB PDF file  Provided by Dan Ratzlaff - WWØF
. This is the missing Appendix I from the above manual.   447 kB PDF file
. A construction article on adding a talking clock to your RC-85 is on pages 5 and 6 of the April 1986 ACC Notes
. Interfacing a GE MASTR II radio to an ACC controller.   37 kB PDF file
. Interfacing a MICOR radio to an ACC controller.   65 kB PDF file
. New features of Version 4.0 firmware.   68 kB PDF file
. Installing a TS32P in an RC85 controller.   58 kB PDF file
. The PAL chip in your RC-85 blown? See the "PAL Faker" notes below.

RC-85 and RC-96:

. Everything you ever wanted to know about your Access Modes.   634 kB PDF file
. Firmware version 4.2 release notes.   26 kB PDF file

RC-96: (the last version was 5.2)

. RC-96 original brochure in PDF format   417 kB PDF file
. ACC RC-96 Owners Manual: Courtesy of two different people we have three copies of the manual.
First is the largest and most detailed, however the back side of the pages "printed through" on the scan. 13.5 MB PDF
Second is a shrunken version of the first - what was left after the Adobe PDF maker "Reduce file size" feature was run on it: 12.7 MB PDF
The third file was supplied by Eric Lemmon WB6FLY who somehow turned up a manual that doesn't have the "print through" of the first two: 5.85 MB PDF
The first two files were created from a 28MB ZIP file containing 160 separate page files.
Grab it if you want to work with the individual pages - just download the ZIP file, place it in a new, empty directory then unzip it.
. Ver 5.2 EPROM known patch locations 21 kB pdf file
. Tone panel manual   117 kB PDF file
. Sales brochure / spec sheet   1.8 MB PDF file
. Programming worksheet   333 kB PDF file
. RC-96 Owner's Manual Version 3 with Version 5 Updates   Scanned by Matt K3MK. 4.3 MB PDF file
. RC-96 Serial Port Board photo   300 kB courtesy of Chris Baldwin KF6AJM
. RC-96 Serial Port Board schematic   22 kB courtesy of Matt Krick K3MK

RC-850: (the last version was 3.8)

. RC-850 original brochure in PDF format   679 kB PDF file
. RC-850 spec sheet in PDF format   2.7 MB PDF file
. RC-850 Control Operator's Reference Manual Version 3   Scanned by Matt K3MK. 3.0 MB file.
. RC-850 Digital Voice Recorder Manual Version 2   Scanned by Matt K3MK. 2.9 MB file.
. RC-850 Hardware Reference Manual Version 3   Scanned by Matt K3MK. 3.1 MB file.
. RC-850 Operator's Manual Version 3   Scanned by Matt K3MK. 2.7 MB file.
. RC-850 Programming Reference Manual Version 3   Scanned by Matt K3MK. 2.9 MB file.
. RC-850 Manual   120 kB in PDF format
. RC-850 and other ACC info at WA8DBW's web site (Offsite link)
. ACC RC-850 Courtesy Tone Programming   41 kB PDF   How to reset the courtesy tones (or reset beeps) back to the factory defaults - originally from the November 1985 issue of ACC Notes page 5
. ACC RC-850 Interfacing to a GE MASTR II station   314 kB PDF   While oriented towards a GE MASTR II repeater there is good information on connecting to any manufacturers equipment.
. ACC RC-850 Interfacing to a Motorola MSF5000 station   170 kB PDF   While oriented towards a CXB-series station, there is good information on connecting to any manufacturer's equipment.
. ACC RC-850 to FC-900 interfacing manual   1.2 MB PDF file
. ACC RC-850 Schematics   Donated by Matt, K3MK         (VRT="Voice Response Telemetry")
        Page 1     Page 2     Page 3     Page 4     VRT Schematic     VRT Layout
. ACC RC-850 version 3.42 EEPROM image   This is a zip file - right click on the link and select "Save As".
      This is the 28C64 EEPROM in socket U10 default EEprom settings.
      If anyone has EEPROM images for other revisions please send them in!
. ACC RC-850 MX2 Memory Expansion board   a 45 kB gif file
. RC-850 "Nspector" program   This is a zip file - right click on the link and select "Save As".
      Originally written by Bill Strack, WA6ZTJ, now a silent key.   See the July 1991 ACC Notes below.
. Photo Gallery: Internal photo       Audio Delay board       Telephone Interface board
. Remotely control the TS-32 tone board from your RC-850   70 kB PDF file
. HSC Paging applications manual   418 kB PDF file     HSC Paging Decoder board photo
. ACC RC-850 Front panel display board   For ACC controller users. 83 kB PDF file.
. tech note from Paul Kindell WB8ZVL, "The ACC Repair Guy":
Do you own a RC-850 with a front panel display? I LOVE LEDS, there isn't anything cooler than to open the repeater cabinet door on an 850 in the dark and watch all the LEDS blink. The problem with that is that moment of coolness could cost you a boat load. The engineers at ACC tied the ICs that run the front panel display directly to the 12 volt power coming into the controller with NO protection. Want to know what happens the first time you get a spike on the DC power line?? Zap, the front panel goes. Turn the front panel switch OFF before you leave the site. This will protect your valuable front panel and keep the repeater on the air longer - maybe when you need it most, like during the storm!

RC-850 CIB (Computer Interface Board):       Computer Interface board photo

. RC-850 CIB original brochure in PDF format   585 kB PDF file
. Computer Interface Board Schematic courtesy Rick Franz VE4RF   Page 1  (83kb)      Page 2  (66kb)
. RC-850 CIB Complete Manual in PDF format (4.2 MB)   courtesy of Micheal Salem N5MS
. RC-850 Computer Interface Option Owner's Manual Version 3.5   Scanned by Matt K3MK. 3.2 MB PDF file.
. Over the years there have been several discussions on the ACC lists about doing a run of CIBs for those that do not have them. Despite all the chatter it's never happened.


. FC-1 board photo   courtesy of Chris Baldwin KF6AJM
. FC-1 schematic   Horizontal       Vertical (for printing)
. FC-1 Tech Note   A comprehensive writeup with printable pictures and a schematic of the FC-1 interface and the Icom IC-2AT - the thumbwheel radio, not the IC-02AT keyboard radio (applicable to the IC-3AT and IC-4AT as well).
. ACC's original FC-1 manual   1.0 MB - a usable scan in pdf format
. Installing a TS32P in an FC-1 controller.   111 kB PDF file


. FC-900 Interface Manual   1 MB PDF file   Includes schematics
. FC-900 Interface Schematic   Page 1  312 kB jpg file   Page 2   302 kB jpg file
. FC-900 schematic diagram   50 kB PDF file   Great quality, all on one page. Provided by Joseph Haas KEØFF
. FC-900 Band and Offset Firmware addresses   Locations to patch in the firmware.
. See above in the RC-850 section for the interfacing manual.
The FC-900 interfaced to the Icom IC-900/901 radios. Additional information can be found on the Icom Index page.


. AD-2 audio delay schematic   By Kevin Custer
. Eliminating Clipping Distortion, and Increasing Audio level in the AD-2   By Jeff DePolo WN3A
. Audio Delay Line Distortion when on Battery Backup   by Wayne Zehner Jr. K9WZ
. Audio Delay Board Retro #1   Replacing the AD2 with the Panasonic/Matsushita MN3101-MN3008 chip set   By Rick Franz VE4RF
. Audio Delay Board Retro #2   Replacing the AD2 with the Arcom digital audio delay board   By Darrin Stanley KB6WAS
. Audio Delay Board kit manual for RC-85 and 96.   1.3 Mb PDF file

ShackMaster SM-100 (the last version of the Shackmaster was 1.7)

. Shackmaster original brochure in PDF format   902 kB PDF file
. ShackMaster SM-100 Manual   A 128 page 3.3 MB PDF file   courtesy KB6ZOP
. Schematic   A 389 kB PDF file containing four pages of schematics   courtesy Michael Salem N5MS
. Firmware images:   sm100u15.152  sm100u8.152   sm100u15.1v7
       Right click on the firmware image links above and select "Save As". No other information on these files is available.

Patchmaster PM-200

. Courtesy of Chris Baldwin KF6AJM we have several photos of his PM-200. The pictures are all about 100-300kB in size.
Front photo     Rear photo     Label on bottom     Speech chip photo     Internal top photo     Internal bottom photo
. Patchmaster original brochure in PDF format   457 kB PDF file.
. Patchmaster personality management software and terminal program   44 kB ZIP file.

DVR: (the last version was 2.0)

. DVR text brochure in PDF format   527 kB PDF file
. DVR original color sales brochure in PDF format   1.7 MB PDF file
. the schematic ?
. Digital Voice Recorder manual   For firmware version 2   1.9 MB

The ITC32 is a small single board controller that originally sold for about $400. Last price on it before it went out of production was about $150. Any of the modern single board repeater controllers (such as the ICS units) are much more versatile. The ITC32 was one of the first frequency agile remote base controllers however it only talks to a BCD controlled radio such as the Icom IC22U, Kenwood TR7400, TR76xx series, Yaesu FT227, Drake UV-3 and other similar radios.
The most recent information is that Mike WB8CXO is still supporting the ITC-32.

. ITC-32 original brochure in PDF format   981 kB PDF file
. ITC-32 schematic   243 kB JPG file
. ITC-32 schematic   noted as "corrected" by Mark Christensen WB9TBX, donated by Chris Boone WB5ITT   175 kB PDF
. The ITC-32 manual   Version from 1983/1984   5 MB PDF file
. The ITC-32 manual   Version from 1987, including the obscure 1986 update.   2.1 MB PDF file courtesy of Skipp
. An ITC-32 technical manual   Version and date unknown.   13.2 MB PDF file courtesy of Mike WA6ILQ
. ITC-32 firmware   Revision unknown. Right click on the link and select "Save As". No other information on this file is available.

ACC Notes (in PDF format):

. April 1983 Dayton Hamvention edition   207 kB
. May-Jun 1983 partial   206 kB
. September-October 1983   278 kB
. May-June 1984   311 kB
. January-February 1985   387 kB
. March-April 1985   354 kB
. May-July 1985   190 kB
. August-October 1985   2.3 MB
. November 1985 - March 1986   1.9 MB
. November 1985 - March 1986   611 kB
. April-June 1986   1.9 MB
. April-June 1986   345 kB
. July-August 1986   324 kB
. September-December 1986   341 kB
. October-December 1987   190 kB
. April-August 1988   2.9 MB
. January-April 1989   333 kB
. March-May 1990   395 kB
. March-June 1991   1.32 MB
. March-June 1991   324 kB
. July-October 1991   1.36 MB
. July-October 1991   420 kB
. October 1993 - February 1994   442 kB
. We're still missing several issues - if anybody has any that will fill in the gaps, please send them to: article-ideas /at/ repeater-builder /dot/ com

ACC Miscellaneous:

. ACC Support for the Doug Hall RBI-1 Remote Base Interface   by Chris Baldwin KF6AJM
. ICOM IC-900/901 Series Band Unit Identification Select Explained   by Chris Baldwin KF6AJM
. Control operator command reference card   For ACC controller users. 150 kB PDF file.
. Message Editing reference card   For ACC controller users. 272 kB PDF file.
. Programming reference card   For ACC controller users. 116 kB PDF file.
. User Command reference card   For ACC controller users. 126 kB PDF file.
. Lightning Protection of ACC controller interface lines   While written by ACC the information on this writeup is relevant to ANY manufacturer's equipment.   176 kB PDF file.
. Battery backup and other miscellaneous topics   For ACC controller users.   49 kB PDF file.
. Interfacing the Drake UV-3 transceiver to any ACC controller   For ACC controller and ShackMaster 100 users.   427 kB PDF file.
. Interfacing the Icom IC-RPxx20 transceiver to any ACC controller   For ACC controller users.   74 kB PDF file.
. Push To Talk Delay Circuit   For ACC controller users, eliminate the link PTT courtesy tone.
. A Phone Line Busy Detection Circuit   By Monte Smith, WDØDIR, from ACC Notes, April, 1986
. Curing Digital Noise in ACC Controllers   By Jeff DePolo WN3A
. Y2K Compliance for the RC-85, 850, and 96 Controllers   By Kevin Custer W3KKC and Rich Reese WA8DBW
. AH6LE's serial protocol converter for the ACC controllers   Allows using a more modern radio as a remote base. (Offsite link)
. RC-85 and RC-96 PC Control Program manual   By Andy Kadvan KA8R   643 kB PDF file
. 1989 ACC Price List and Order Form (for fun and giggles)   475 kB PDF file
. Considering replacing your old ACC Controller or want a new one that works and programs similarly to your friend's ACC?
Take a look at the FF Systems FF-800 controller however they no longer manufacture or sell any products.
. Need your ACC product repaired? Here's the place: (Paul repairs the RC-85s, 96s, 850s, DVRs and FC900s)
Advanced Computer Control Repair, owned by Paul Kindell, WB8ZVL
810 W. Pekin Road
Lebanon, Ohio 45036-9785
email: paul /at/ accrepairs /dot/ com

Paul provided the following information:
The RC-85 PAL "Faker"
When upgrading an RC-85 from something prior to V3.xx to V3.xx or later, the 74LS138 must be replaced with something else. ACC used a $150 PAL board to do the job, but you can do it by rewiring the 74LS138.

Years ago, I took a good pal from an RC-85 and hooked a dip switch to the inputs. By running all the bit patterns into the PAL and watching the outputs I came up with this design for the 74LS138. It is my opinion the PAL was just a way to try and copy protect the EPROM and/or get $150.00 from everyone.

I take two 16 pin machine pin IC sockets and plug them together. Take 4 short pieces of wire wrap wire and strip the ends back. Solder one wire into the socket pin 7, then another into socket pin 9, 10, and 11. You should now have 4 wires sticking up into the air from the socket. Take the 74LS138 and bend up in the air pins 7, 9, 10, and 11. Now solder the wire from the ic socket pin 7 to ic pin 9. Socket wire pin 9 to ic pin 7. Socket wire pin 10 to ic pin 11. Socket wire 11 to ic pin 10.

This has worked for me in the past. I have the 2 pals I got from ACC back on 4/11/95. They are GAL16V8B, my blown PAL shows the number PAL10L8NC (I think it's blown, my RC-85 is still not working yet).

I doubt they can be read, but I don't really think we need to. I think we can use the Faker or design our own PAL to do the same thing ACC's did.

Non-ACC Miscellaneous:

. GE MASTR II S-Meter Circuit.   By Andy Kadvan KA8R from ACC Notes
This circuit samples the high-IF signal, rectifies it using a DC voltage doubler, then runs it through a simple op-amp based DC voltage buffer/amplifier. It's overly simplified and needs more development to be practical: several people have tried several variations of this circuit and all have the problem that it loads down the IF strip and therefore makes the receiver less sensitive.
. Motorola MICOR S-Meter Circuit.   probably from ACC Notes, text by Mike Morris WA6ILQ
This circuit is similar to the GE one above, just adapted to the GE, and looks like it was designed around what parts were on hand. It has the same loading issue.
. Hamtronics S-Meter Circuit.   By Kevin K. Custer W3KKC
Kevin's circuit for the Hamtronics will work on any receiver that uses the Motorola MC-3357 or MC-3359 style IF amplifier / limiter / detector chip, and that includes a number of scanner receivers.

Media Files:

. RC-96 "Getting Started" instructional audio tape   5.6 MB MP3 format   Courtesy Dave Karr KA9FUR
. RC-850 "Getting Started" instructional audio tape   24.2 MB MP3 format
. ACC DVR Demo tape   13.6 MB MP3 format
. RC-85 and RC-96 instructional tape   20 MB MP3 format
. RC-850 and RC-85 Demo tape   27 MB MP3 format
. RC-850, RC-96, RC-85 and DVR Demo tape   37.3 MB MP3 format
. A controller (likely an RC-850) saying "Seventy Three from Advanced Computer Controls"   204 kB WAV file. A good example of ACC's Texas Instruments TMS5220 speech capability.

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